Five Beautiful Designs with AdobeDraw - Eraser Technique

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This is my first iPad Drawing Series Class and this time I teach drawing with AdobeDraw. Digital drawing is addicted. I remember the first time I hold my iPad and pen, my first drawing apps is Paper53 two years ago. Wondering how brush, pencil, marker or eraser can be so digital but so real like drawing on paper. Once you try it, you will never stop. Trust me :).

AdobeDraw is free and you can install it from AppStore. This apps is very easy and fun to use. Everybody can join this class. Even, if you are a parent, you can ask your children to draw with this Apps and having fun together with me in this class :).

In this class, I will teach you 5 different projects and it’s variation will give you about 10 different designs that you can imagine it when you use it as product mock up as I showed it to you in each session of this class.

What you need is only :

  1. iPad
  2. Apple Pencil or any iPad pen (of your finger is enough:))
  3. AdobeDraw apps (install it free from AppStore)

What will you learn ?

  1. Working with AdobeDraw for a very basic drawing (brush, color, eraser, layer)
  2. Drawing with eraser technique
  3. Create Background and Color Palette
  4. Create African Motif 
  5. Create Design using Line and Shape
  6. Create Design with Simple Zentangle
  7. Create Scenery
  8. Create Doodle

After you master this eraser drawing with AdobeDraw, you can be better to imagine your design when it transforms to be mock up like the following as a chair, baby T-Shirt, Greeting Card, Backpack or else.

Five Beautiful Designs with AdobeDraw - Eraser Technique 1

Five Beautiful Designs with AdobeDraw - Eraser Technique

Five Beautiful Designs with AdobeDraw - Eraser Technique

Five Beautiful Designs with AdobeDraw - Eraser TechniqueAnd after joining this class, I believe you can design that beautiful things like that too …. And then, so what ?Why don’t you start selling your design as cute homedecor things or apprels or accesories in a Print On Demand website like Society6 or Redbubble or else ? Yes, why not ?

Enjoy the class and see you inside !

Happy Drawing,




Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons Time: 43 minutes



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  • Ahmed A.

    Simple & Cool

    Simple and cool technique for drawing on iPad. thank you
  • Sally Reynolds

    Thanks for Making it easy

    My first time with the software and I’m HOOKED! Thanks for making it easy..
  • Teodora Deme

    Easy to use

    Thank you for another great class, Hanny ! I found a lot of inspiration for making my surface patterns. It is an ingenious technique and easy to use!
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  • Self-paced Video
  • Time : 43 Minutes
  • Language: English